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real canadian superstore flyer mississauga

great newsletter with multiple products, choose high-quality products, lower prices and special deals being offered by the Canadian Real Estate sheet on 2 July 2017. Super You will come across what you want to check details with immense while browsing the leaflet. They basically show you how to buy high-quality products and popular at the cheapest price. You have several options to reduce the cost of the weekly shop. Enjoy a great opportunity! real canadian superstore flyer mississauga Canadian Superstore sheet held on July 2, 2017
Find all your needs in one place;

As I said, you will find many parts such as meat, cooking, freezing, pastries, drinks, snacks, household, personal care, baby, home essential, eletronics and more. The store is one of Canada's best stores to shop in one place. Moreover, many products prices this week.

Canadian pride!
Superstore introduce you to the special section! Many chicken meat, meat products, bread and food are described in the pages 1 and 2. You have more savings. For example; The mice Nui Canada will sell for $ 1.01 is now! You only pay 3.98 dollars for this. Also, when you buy certain products are more choices, you pay less. For example; If you buy 2 basic food flyer or more whole or sliced ​​mushrooms Pc, white or Cremini, you pay only $ 1.50 ea.

• Drilling peas, $ 2.98 ea.
• chicken thighs or legs, $ 2.78 lb
• crafts deli sliced ​​meats Maple leaf service, $ 03:48
• Cheese st stero double cuff, $ 06 o'clock ea.
• bocconcini cheese cocktail Saputo ,, $ 10.00 ea.
• Rainbow Trout whole, $ 7.99 lb
• pork meat steak, $ 8.16
• No clear boneless chicken, $ 7.98 lb


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